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ALS Chat.

ALSChat is a letter board for Lou Gehrig patients who only move their eyes. Unlike the existing letter boards where the patient waits and selects according to the guardian's instructions. By the patient actively directing the keyboard, the guardian sees the patient's eye movements and writes the characters the patient wants.

The keyboard allows the patient to communicate efficiently without feeling frustrated. It is much faster than the regular keyboard and easier to use than an eye tracking mouse. Therefore, this method of communication is able to develop a deeper level of intimacy between the patient and the caregiver. ALS-Chat strives to deliver a warm world to ALS patients. Thank you.




What is your current communication with severely ill patients?

Currently, the methods used to communicate with severely ill patients include an eye mouse and a keyboard.

The eye mouse is an assistive technology device that helps you to use a computer through the movement of your eyes, and it gives you a lot of convenience, but it is an expensive product that costs about 7 million won, and it is difficult for patients who are not familiar with computers to use it. Although the majority of families of severely ill patients are using handwritten letters or letters to communicate, the existing flat typefaces made mainly for parents are slow and difficult to communicate.


Start of ALS Chat

ALS Chat was developed after seeing founder's grandmother suffering from Lou Gehrig's struggling with her communication.

It is very difficult for severely ill patients and their caregivers to communicate on the keyboard. Founder's grandmother was also frustrated with the use of the letter board, and the conversation was difficult. She made her own eye mouse and tried to use it, but her grandmother, who was not familiar with the computer environment, was uncomfortable. The movement of the eye mouse cursor was not easily adjusted as expected, and it was still very difficult for the general public to use due to the lack of technology.



Our vision

A world where severely ill patients who are marginalized from communication can communicate more comfortably

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