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ALSChat Introduction

Special communication ALSChat for the valuable life of severely ill patients

ALSChat is a keyboard made for people with Lou Gerig’s disease patients, as well as other severely ill patients and their caregivers.  It is a new type of three-dimensional font that improves the shortcomings of the existing keyboard that allows for easier communication.




Conventional keyboard

Currently, most keyboards used by severely ill patients and their families are caregiver-centered  communication methods.

The patient writes the sentence by waiting for the letters the guardian puts in order, and then the patient blinks at the letter. Then the guardian completes the sentence.This method is time consuming in that the patient has to wait for the desired letter to be instructed by the guardian.


 ALS Chat's Specialty 

ALS Chat facilitates communication by the patient moving their eyeball and the caregiver following their eye movement. 

By reducing the patient's waiting process for letters, the time required has been greatly reduced, and it is designed so that patients can easily express their intentions. ALS Chat is a three-dimensional character board that is easy to use for both patients and caregivers, allowing convenient communication.


ALS Chat for everyone

Even if you don't have a character board, you can communicate more conveniently just by installing the application.

ALS Chat distributes a test app with basic functions for free to use by all domestically ill caregivers, and more sophisticated functions can be used when upgrading. ALS Chat is pending in English and Japanese as well as Korean, and is being developed in various languages ​​such as Chinese, Spanish, French, and Hindi.

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